Please take note the following guides from Athletics Ireland: 

Message from our Chairperson 21st July 2020

Dear Members,

As you may have noticed a lot of structured MSB AC activity has resumed in Porterstown Park over the last few weeks. Since 29th June, all ages were allowed resume training without a size restriction as in previous stages. But with the requirement that all who participate complete a Covid19 health questionnaire prior to attending training.

Thanks to a number of committee members we got the questionnaire working alongside a booking system operational on the 29th June and we trialled it with one of the groups already training that week. All groups were then able to resume on Sunday, 5th July.

A huge thank you to all the coaches and group leaders who are now taking two and more sessions per week with the juvenile groups.

Unfortunately, the cabins cannot be used due to the Covid19 cleaning requirements. And similarly, the committee have decided that to not use any of the equipment yet.

Sport Ireland have a short training course for all Club Covid Officers and this course is recommended for all AI members. It can be accessed at the link:

Our Club Risk Assessment can be viewed below.

Coaches must adhere to all protocols in our Coaches’ Risk Assessment below.

Finally, we ask all our families and athletes to cooperate with us in applying these protocols at all sessions. Coaches are instructed that if a Covid19 Health Questionnaire has not been completed by or for an athlete prior to them coming to training, then they must send them home. If we are found to take any such athletes for training then all coaching groups could be shut down.

Thank you all for your continued support. I know our athletes will benefit from the work they are doing now and I believe many will return to competition stronger and fresh in the near future.


Mary Friel, Chairperson MSB AC


Message from our Chairperson 12th June 2020

Dear Members,

We would normally be finishing up our Juvenile training groups in the next two weeks and be looking forward to a Club Sports Day and barbecue. But instead we are looking at starting up as many training groups as possible.

On the 18th May a number of coaches were able to take 3 athletes under strict guidelines or groups of 4 athletes could go running together while social distancing. Athletics Ireland guidelines under which we operate for insurance purposes, stipulated that juveniles had to be 13 years of age. Thanks to the volunteerism and expertise on the committee we had an online Booking Form (for contact tracing) up and running before the 8th May, signs were put up on the cabin, Marshals appointed (who are to do spot checks on training in Porterstown to ensure groups are behaving appropriately) and we got a Risk Assessment form completed for the coaches. Thanks also to one of our club members  for the donation of hand sanitiser and gloves which we had to make available for coaches.

In the period from the 18th May to 7th June there were 218 names on our booking system. While these groups were small, it was clear that everybody was delighted to be back, even in small groups. Due to the guidelines we are not using the cabins, so we were very grateful for the good weather over these weeks.

On the 8th June, we were allowed increase the groups to 15, including coaches. This is much more satisfactory because it was not possible for coaches of the younger group to take just 3 athletes and be fair to the whole group. And while the guidelines have not changed, due to national demand word came out on Tue last that we could interpret 13-year-olds as U14s. All U14s, even those who will not be 13 until December. This is a lot easier for coaches and fairer on training groups.

In addition, with the increase in distance allowed for travel, groups can now also go to Morton Stadium. We have been fortunate in that the track in Porterstown has been excellent for all training due to the dry weather but sprinters like to run on the tartan surface. 

While all this is good news, our younger members are still waiting . Hopefully there will be further relaxation in the coming weeks and all, including our 70-year-old and over coaches will also be allowed to participate in and facilitate training sessions.

In the meantime, get out in the fresh air and avail of the lovely track surface in Porterstown Park for a few laps.


Mary Friel, Chairperson MSB AC


Message from our Chairperson 17th May 2020

Dear Members,

I hope you and your family are good and that you have managed to stay fit and healthy over the past two months.

While the weeks have passed very quickly, it has been very sad for the club that our athletes have missed out on so many activities this year e.g. National Senior and Juvenile Indoor T&F, many road races, Schools T&F, Juvenile T&F Leagues and our Easter Egg hunt to mention just some.

Our biggest disappointment was the cancellation of the St Patrick’s Festival 5K. Not only did we not get any badly needed funds but we were left with quite a few bills. But the reality is we are all in this together – not just MSB, but everybody, world wide.

While we do not know when all will be normal again, the club is working closely with our governing body, Athletics Ireland and the reopening process starts from the 18th May when the older juveniles and seniors will be allowed meet with their coach in groups of 4 (including the coach).

We have to complete risk assessments and put plans in place to ensure all coaches and athletes follow the Government Guidelines of Hand Hygiene, Respiratory Etiquette and Social Distancing at all times. This also means that for the moment, we cannot allow access to the club house in Sarah Place or the cabins in Porterstown and all coaches have to book training times in order that we limit the number of athletes using the track area in Porterstown.

Please take note the following guides from Athletics Ireland:

We would ask that all members, athletes, coaches, officials, parents and anyone associated with the club in any capacity, make themselves aware of the contents and follow the guidance advised. I know the coaches are eager to get back working with all the groups but, in the meantime, avail of the good weather and get out, stay fit, get strong and be ready to enjoy group training soon.

Yours in Sport, Mary Friel, MSB Chairperson


Message from our Chairperson 27th March 2020

Hello to all our members and supporters.

I hope you are all staying safe in these very strange times. And strange indeed they are for those of us who believe in and promote the benefits of exercising together.

Coaches get a lot of their energy from the young people they work with and I know they miss the training sessions. Some of them are trying to encourage the individuals in their groups to keep up some level of exercise while maintaining appropriate physical distance.

The committee asked if I would identify some websites or resources that might be of use to our members or for parents to direct their children towards and below are a few. If you and your loved ones are restricted to home, then some activities are still possible. Use your garden space for jumping and skipping. Use internal floor space for stretching and core work. Two cans of beans in a plastic bag and some tape is a makeshift dumbbell.

Organising a time for these exercises (possibly with friends who are doing the same in their homes) and recording the efforts and progress might help with our motivation. I look forward to watching our MSB athletes return to training and competing fresh and stronger once this period passes. And do not forget to mind your whole self, find those moments (negotiate with your children for your space) where you can stand back and refresh yourself.

Take care, Mary Friel, MSB Chairperson


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