MSB have a large, friendly senior group, with athletes competing in track racing, middle and long distance road racing (5k to marathon), ultra running, cross country and mountain/adventure running. The club has runners competing at county, national and international level. Both men and women train together and there are varying levels of abilities and goals within the group.


Name: Paul Spollen (Men's Captain)
Category: M35 - 40

Is it a bird? Is it a hovercraft?...... No, it's Paul Spollen!!!

Paul has been running with MSB for over five years now but has always been active in sport. He is best known for his easy-going nature, positive attitude and smoothness!!! A favourite saying of his would be, 'pressure is for tyres' and 'do it.'

What do you love most about running?
So much really, I still love to go for an easy run on my own - no music, just jogging. My mates laugh at me when Itell them it relaxes me!!  But I think my favourite thing about running at my level is the honesty of the sport and by that I mean you will get out of it exactly what you put into it (which is not necessarily the case in all other sports or even in aspects of life). The harder you work the better you'll become and your times will come down.

What has been your best runnning achievement so far?
To be honest I haven't achieved much!! I've completed three marathons, each quicker than the last but I guess in the last six months or so, things have been going well for me and it's been enjoyable.

What do you find hardest about running?
Sometimes just getting out and going can be the hardest part, particularly at this time of the year.  I know I've been guilty of taking an extra day off from time to time and the guilt kicks in.  One thing for sure though is that I've never ever regretted going out for a run, however there's plenty of times that I regret NOT going.

If you could choose one song to have played as you run the last stretch of a race, what would it be?
Easy. One Direction 'Makes you Beautiful.' It's like the song was written for me :-)

What one piece of advice would you give to a beginner runner?
Go to a sports shop, buy runners and go for a run. Then join MSB.

What are your goals for the future?
Short term, I just want to keep fit and injury free.  Medium/Long term, I don't really know to be honest!  I guess I'd like to do myself justice in a marathon as I've had some disappointment before but the biggest goal or target for me is that I keep enjoying it.  That's the most important thing for me really. I reckon I'm fairly realistic in my ambitions and hopes for this game. I know there will be ups and downs so as long as I can keep getting out and enjoying it, that'll do for me.


Name: Sarah Fay (Ladies Captain)
Category: FO

Sarah started running with MSB just over a year ago. Before turning her focus to running, she played Gaelic Football at a high level, representing Dublin at Minor and Senior B, and also played golf at a high level, representing Leinster at U-15.  Sarah has outstanding determination and is definitely one to watch.

What do you love most about running?
Running is a huge part of my life now. I love nothing more then getting out the door into the open for a run. Meeting friends really adds to it. It really helps to clear the head, especially during stressful days. It’s a tough sport to master but I’m always up for a challenge. The best thing about running is you can train whenever suits you to train. You’re not waiting on a team of 30 to turn up.

What has been your best running achievement to date?
Only running a year, I haven’t achieved a whole lot. But the biggest achievement for me so far was to run sub 20 minutes for 5k with the help of all the amazing people in MSB.

What do you find hardest about running?
Running is not an easy sport to be good at. It takes a lot of hard work and commitment. Being an individual sport it can be tough at times to put in the hard training sessions. A key for me is to meet people to train with to ensure that I am doing those sessions. This shows the importance of being a member of a club. 4.

If you could chose one song to have played as you run the last stretch of a race what would it be?
Break free- Ariana Grande. In the last stretch your “stronger then you been before”.

What one piece of advice would you give to a beginner runner?
It doesn’t happen over night. You have to be patient and take your time. Get the correct runners for your feet and your good to go.

What are your Goals for the future?
Only being at the sport a year and loving it as much as I do I have plenty of big dreams for the future. Short term is to continue to improve my times and to remain injury free. Keeping a structure to training is key otherwise I fall off the radar. My main goal is to continue running for as long as I’m healthy to do so and of course enjoy every moment of it.